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Program Description

Our BSBA (BBA-IT) program is designed to integrate the Business Studies with modern technology. The growing need and implication of technology in the business world has necessitated a comprehensive degree program that bridges this gap and provide a thorough knowledge and understanding in all key aspects of business management and technology. Our Core Courses contain a significant component from a wide range of disciplines like Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Humanities having major focus on IT. Also in advance stages of BSBA (BBA-IT) the students are offered with specialized courses that enhances their IT abilities needed for business.

The program also provides lucrative scholoarships offered by ICT R&D fund and CIIT scholarships are also applied on the course. The department is also offereing 25 merit based scholoarships for the BS (BA) programs that can be availed for BSBA (BBA-IT) program as well.

The objectives for this degree program are to:

  • The major objective of this program is to blend the information technology and business.
  • To fulfill the need of a degree program that captures both business and IT together.
  • Familiarize students with the fundamental bodies of theoretical and applied knowledge of business represented in the core courses;
  • Provide students an opportunity to learn new tools and techniques in areas such as accounting, marketing, and management as represented in upper level courses;
  • Enable students to integrate formal academic learning with business related experiential learning;
  • Encourage self-improvement and professional growth among students;
  • Expose students to the global business environment.
  • Masters of Business Administration MBA