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COMSATS Abbottabad and 8 October 2005 Earthquake

After the earthquake of October 8, 2005, CCDU concentrated on providing rescue, relief, emergency aid and rehabilitation to victims of the earthquake in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) on volunteer basis. A huge number of students worked independently and assisted different organization in the effected area.

COMSATS Network Service launched Online Help Desk that provided all sorts of information immediately after earthquake. The site was hosted and updated by COMSATS Abbottabad Campus during the whole Rescue and Relief phase of the disaster. This help desk provided online information about :

Search for patient, list of Patients at different hospitals, people shifted to other cities, unidentified Patients, list of passed away people, tent village at Ayub Medical College, missing People, news updates BBC, CNN, maps of effected areas, patients at Ayub Medical Complex

CCDU has implemented emergency response activities independently, and in partnership with International Organization:

Services to Army, Local Government and Communities

LAN was established in which data of 32500 affectees was entered in the database. Army staff was trained on Excel and Access.

Front End software was developed in ASP.NET for affectees database of Mansehra district. LAN was also installed in Data Cell of DCO Mansehra Office.

Printers and PCs of Army camps in Batagram and Shinkiari were serviced. Data entry of 33000 affectees in the Distt Abbottabad affectees’ database was completed and handed over to DCO Abbottabad. It was done at COMSATS campus. COMSATS faculty and students established a Data Cell in DHQ Abbottabad on the same lines as in Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad and maintained the database of the earthquake affected patients.

Human Resource and IT Services to UN Agencies and International Organizations

  • UN OCHA office Mansehra was provided hiring services. Test of 108 candidates was conducted for competency in English and IT. OCHA interview 18 candidates and selected three.
  • Tent Sorting for International Organization for Migration (IOM) and International Red Cross
  • The students of COMSATS helped IOM in sorting tents received from the people of Germany.
  • COMSATS students helped UNHCR in survey of villages using GPS.
  • Software for interface for databases and reports has been developed for UNDP.
  • COMSATS offered their grounds for International RedCross helicopter engaged in relief operations.