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COMSATS Sweet Home

The Government of Pakistan has initiated a program viz. Pakistan Sweet Home under auspices of the Pakistan Bait ul Mai, wherein orphan children are sponsored for their living and education in 24/7 mode. Under auspices of the said program, the CIIT Abbottabad campus has assumed full responsibility of 100 orphan boys of age 4-6 years for their up-bringing and education. The said initiative is named as COMSATS Sweet Home program.

The COMSATS Sweet Home takes care of good living, upkeep and more importantly the up-bringing of the benefiting children. The look after includes shelter, food, clothing, education, sports, entertainment and more importantly the development of a cognizant socially responsible individual. The children are enrolled in the best educational institutions of the town and study alongside other children and not per se segregated because of their social deprivation. The results are seen in having confident, graceful and smiling children growing up, Insha Allah as the prolific members of the society. God willing, the CIIT intends to scale up the operations and would adopt more children including female children. Presently, however, the children are residing in a rented environment which is not purpose built and, at times, inhibits their healthy up-bringing. In order to correct this anomaly, the CIIT Abbottabad campus has earmarked a piece of land for the construction of a purpose built abode of the children in its serene and meticulously maintained campus there.

The proposed site has scenic views and is surrounded by vast playgrounds duly deserved by the children. The said contribution is worth some Rs. 60 M. This is in addition to approx. Rs. 15 M that the CIIT Abbottabad faculty and staff spends on the living and education expenses of the benefiting children each year. The project would cater to the housing needs of 100 children as well as cater to other needs such as administrative support, sports and dining facilities. The project includes construction of two family houses, a staff house and a gate house.