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Message by the HoD


Engr. Syed Farasat Ali Shah
Incharge Department of Civil Engineering


The Civil Engineering Department’s raison d'être is twofold: on the one hand, the provision of qualitative technical education par excellence, conducting applied research to advance the civil engineering profession for the well-being of mankind and, on the other, to provide the forum where future academic and industry kingpins meet the enhanced demand for transdisciplinary skills triggered by the modern concept of sustainable development. The Department is honing in on to uplift the standards of teaching and research productivity at par with the reputable international engineering Universities.  Pursuing this objective, unremitting efforts have been made in bringing civil engineering curricula into alignment with learning expectation delineated in OBE (Objective Based Education), which is certainly a stepping stone for the recognition of engineering degree of this Department by the signatories of the Washington Accord, 1989. It is worth mentioning that both the bachelor and the master’s programs offered by the Department are accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), which in turn reflects the adequacy and the quality of the designed curricula.

The Department is committed to impart high quality technical knowledge and imbibe in students the skills which are deemed sine qua non not only for embarking on a successful career path but also laying a solid foundation for conducting advanced research work right after completion of their studies. State-of-the-art research laboratories furnished with sophisticated and cutting-edge equipment and, highly qualified and dedicated faculty with specialized knowledge and industrial experience are the engines of the Department that run the whole gamut of civil engineering disciplines. Given the above, the Department is providing a splendid environment conducive to undertaking research across full spectrum of civil engineering.