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Conducting research - everyday

CUI Abbottabad campus with more than 175 highly competent PhD qualified faculty members is a center for research. Promoting research in a manner like never before... read the profiles of these faculty members here.

Dr. Imdad Khan Electrical Engineering
Dr. Imran Ali Khan Computer Sciences
Dr. Kamran Haider Syed Civil Engineering
Dr. Kashif Rashid Management Sciences
Dr. Saqib Hussain Mathematics
Dr. Taous Khan Pharmacy
Dr Mohammad Mushtaq Khan Jadoon Humanities
Dr. Abdul Mannan Pharmacy
Dr. Abdur Rahman Khan Chemistry
Dr. Arshad Pervez Environmental Sciences
Dr. Bahadar Nawab Khattak Development Studies
Dr. Laiq Khan Electrical Engineering
Dr. Madad Khan Mathematics
Dr. Mudassar Aslam Computer Sciences
Dr. Shahid Khattak Electrical Engineering
Dr. Syed Amjad Farid Hasnu Management Sciences
Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Zaidi Mathematics
Dr. Zahid Ahmed Mathematics
Professor Dr Ishtiaq A. K. Jadoon Earth Sciences
Dr Adnan Ahmad Dogar Development Studies
Dr Arif Alam Development Studies
Dr Eraj Khan Computer Sciences
Dr Zahid Hussain Development Studies
Dr. Abdul Jabbar Shah Pharmacy
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Pharmacy
Dr. Khalid Rauf Pharmacy
Dr. Mohammad Maroof Shah Environmental Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz Chemistry
Dr. Muhammad Irshad Environmental Sciences
Dr. Owais Electrical Engineering
Dr. Rafi-us-Shan Computer Sciences
Dr. Siddique Ullah Baig Development Studies
Dr. TAHIR MAHMOOD Development Studies
Dr Nighat Fatima Pharmacy
Dr Noor Elahi Development Studies
Dr. Adnan Ahmad Tahir Environmental Sciences
Dr. Arshad Mahmood Pharmacy
Dr. Atif Ali Pharmacy
Dr. Aziz ullah Sayal Management Sciences
Dr. Fiaz Alam Pharmacy
Dr. Kashif Bilal Computer Sciences
Dr. Mazhar Ali Computer Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Arfat Yameen Pharmacy
Dr. Muhammad Hassham Hassan Bin Asad Pharmacy
Dr. Muhammad Imran Amirzada Pharmacy
Dr. Muhammad Sohail Pharmacy
Dr. Osman Khalid Computer Sciences
Dr. Rabiah Rustam Humanities
Dr. Shujaat Ali Khan Pharmacy
Dr. Syed Mubasher Ali Abid Pharmacy
Dr. Yasser M.S.A Al-Kahraman Pharmacy
Dr. Zia Ur Rahman Pharmacy
Dr Ahmad Fayyaz Electrical Engineering
Dr Asad Muhammad Khan Chemistry
Dr Bilal bin Saeed Management Sciences
Dr Fazal Wahab Karam Electrical Engineering
Dr Hazrat Ali Electrical Engineering
Dr Imran Khan Management Sciences
Dr Mohammad Saeed Lodhi Management Sciences
Dr Shakir Hafeez Management Sciences
Dr Tariq Mehmood Chemistry
Dr. Aamir Shahzad Electrical Engineering
Dr. Abdul Majid Electrical Engineering
Dr. Abdul Waheed Malik Electrical Engineering
Dr. Afsar Khan Chemistry
Dr. Ali Zahir Electrical Engineering
Dr. Amara Mumtaz Chemistry
Dr. Amjad Ali Management Sciences
Dr. Awal Noor Chemistry
Dr. Bilal Khan Electrical Engineering
Dr. Chaudhry Arshad Mehmood Electrical Engineering
Dr. Faisal Khan Electrical Engineering
Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Electrical Engineering
Dr. Ihsan Ullah Electrical Engineering
Dr. Imran Naseem Management Sciences
Dr. Irfanullah Electrical Engineering
Dr. Jabran Khan Jadoon Electrical Engineering
Dr. Jawad Saleem Electrical Engineering
Dr. Khurshid Ayub Chemistry
Dr. Malik Fahim Bashir Management Sciences
Dr. Mansoor Shahab Management Sciences
Dr. Mian Abdul Razzaq Electrical Engineering
Dr. Mohammad Asif Management Sciences
Dr. Mohammad Bilal Qureshi Electrical Engineering
Dr. Mohsin Fayyaz Electrical Engineering
Dr. Muhammad Amjad Sabir Earth Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Fahad Electrical Engineering
Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khaliq Electrical Engineering
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Management Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Umar Earth Sciences
Dr. Nasir Ali Khan Humanities
Dr. Sahibzada Muhammad Ali Electrical Engineering
Dr. Sardar Muhammad Humanities
Dr. Shadan Khattak Electrical Engineering
Dr. Shoaib Azmat Electrical Engineering
Dr. Sohail Razzaq Electrical Engineering
Dr. Syed Tauqir A. Sherazi Chemistry
Dr. Umar Farooq Chemistry
Dr. Uzair Khan Electrical Engineering
Dr. Yasir Bin Tariq Management Sciences
Dr. Zahid Mehmood Jehangiri Electrical Engineering
Dr. Zahid Shah Humanities
Dr. Farhan Hafeez Environmental Sciences
Dr Ahson Jabbar Shaikh Chemistry
Dr Aneela Maalik Chemistry
Dr Babar Nazir Computer Sciences
Dr Bilal Ahmad Zafar Amin Environmental Sciences
Dr Bushra Ismail Chemistry
Dr Fazli Wahid Environmental Sciences
Dr Izaz ullah Khan Mathematics
Dr Mohammad Ayub Mathematics
Dr Muhammad Zahid Mathematics
Dr Rafaqat Ali Khan Chemistry
Dr Rafiq Ahmad Environmental Sciences
Dr Sabaz Ali Khan Environmental Sciences
Dr Saeed-ur-Rehman Mathematics
Dr Saima Noor Mathematics
Dr Talat Nazir Mathematics
Dr Umar Khan Mathematics
Dr Wajiha Khan Environmental Sciences
Dr Zakir Hussain Mathematics
Dr. Muhammad Bilal Environmental Sciences
Dr. Abbas Khalid Computer Sciences
Dr. Abdul Nasir Khan Computer Sciences
Dr. Abdul Rehman Khan Environmental Sciences
Dr. Abdus Sami Awan Mathematics
Dr. Abida K. Khan Chemistry
Dr. Ahmad Khan Computer Sciences
Dr. Akhtar Iqbal Environmental Sciences
Dr. Ali Ahmad Farooq Mathematics
Dr. Amjad Hassan Environmental Sciences
Dr. Anwar Zeb Mathematics
Dr. Arshad Mehmood Abbasi Environmental Sciences
Dr. Asma Zaidi Chemistry
Dr. Attiqa Rehman Computer Sciences
Dr. Ayesha Baig Environmental Sciences
Dr. Faheem Shah Chemistry
Dr. Farhan Ahmad Khan Chemistry
Dr. Faridullah Environmental Sciences
Dr. Fiaz Gul Khan Computer Sciences
Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Computer Sciences
Dr. Irrum Shahzadi Environmental Sciences
Dr. Ismat Nawaz Environmental Sciences
Dr. Jamshaid Hussain Environmental Sciences
Dr. Javed Iqbal Tanoli Earth Sciences
Dr. Junaid Shuja Computer Sciences
Dr. Khalid Ahmad Environmental Sciences
Dr. Khizar Hussain Shah Chemistry
Dr. Malik Tahir Hayat Environmental Sciences
Dr. Maria Siddique Environmental Sciences
Dr. Mohammad Qasim Earth Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Farooq Earth Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Environmental Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Usman Shahid Khan Computer Sciences
Dr. Nadia Riaz Environmental Sciences
Dr. Nangyal Ghani Khan Earth Sciences
Dr. Qaisar Mahmood T.I. Environmental Sciences
Dr. Rahim Gul Mathematics
Dr. Raza Ahmad Environmental Sciences
Dr. Romana Khan Environmental Sciences
Dr. Saadullah Mir Chemistry
Dr. Said Mohammad Earth Sciences
Dr. Saima Anis Mathematics
Dr. Sajid Hussain Shah Environmental Sciences
Dr. Sajid Shah Computer Sciences
Dr. Shahid Masood Shah Environmental Sciences
Dr. Shamyla Nawazish Environmental Sciences
Dr. Sheikh Irfanullah Khan Mathematics
Dr. Sohail Anjum Shahzad Chemistry
Dr. Sultan Hussain Mathematics
Dr. Syed Majid Bukhari Chemistry
Dr. Syed Sajid Hussain Computer Sciences
Dr. Syed Tatheer Alam Naqvi Environmental Sciences
Dr. Umer Rashid Chemistry
Dr. Usman Ashraf Mathematics
Dr. Usman Irshad Environmental Sciences
Dr. Waqas Jadoon Computer Sciences
Dr. Yasar Sajjad Environmental Sciences
Dr. Zafar Iqbal Chemistry
Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman Computer Sciences
Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Bhatti Environmental Sciences
Dr Khalid Mehmood Civil Engineering
Dr. Mohammad Kahshan Mathematics
Dr. Mohammad Javed Iqbal Environmental Sciences
Dr. Sarfraz Shafiq Environmental Sciences
Dr. Jamshed Iqbal Pharmacy
Dr. Raja Wasim Ahmad Computer Sciences