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Counter Ion Engineering In Amphiphiles; A Simple But Effective Way Of Manipulating Surfactant’S Properties

Surfactants are surface active agents and have the ability to modify the surfaces by interacting with them. They are actively utilized as solubilizers for insoluble entities. Surfactant form micelles which are results from the interactions within the surfactants monomers in solution. If the counterion accompanying any ionic surfactant is changed, it may result in different associative behaviors of these surfactants, especially, if the counterion is able to change the surfactant in to an ionic liquid. Furthermore, the surfactants are known to bind with APIs and therefore they have the ability to change the efficacy of the APIs. Many APIs exists as their salts and some of them exists in liquid state at room temperature and can be combined with surfactants for the synthesis of new drug based surfactant type ionic liquids and which may show different physical properties such as the solubility of the drugs can be changed when compared to the starting ingredients.

Project Funding
 Funding Body Funds
1 Higher Education Commission of Pakistan no logo 9.4 Million Rupee

Project Members
  • Asad Khan