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S.NoDepartmentFunding BodyProject TitleWorth (Rs in Million)Start DateMembers
1 Environmental Sciences NSFC China and ICIMOD Glacier changes and associated hydrologic impact under warming climate in Hunza Valley along the Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor 30 01 Jun 2018
2 Environmental Sciences HEC Improvement of Potato Plant Photosynthesis by Engineering Novel Cyanobacterial Carbon dioxide Concentrating Mechanism 6.58 01 Jul 2016
3 Environmental Sciences HEC Investigating the symbiotic relationship of ectomycorrhizal and pine trees grown on different soils under elevated O3 and high nitrogen load 6.51 25 May 2017
4 Environmental Sciences HEC Development and Release of Indigenous Maize Hybrids for Hilly Areas of North Western Regions of Pakistan 5.997 01 May 2012
5 Environmental Sciences Sichuan Agricultural University, and local Sichuan Government China Intercropping Systems, 300000 Chinese Yuan (Local Sichuan govt. CPEC initiative) 4.7 01 May 2018
6 Environmental Sciences Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan Biomass derived adsorbents for industrial wastewater treatment 4.5
7 Environmental Sciences HEC Isolation and characterization of flavonoids with their antioxidant potential for drug discovery from selected medicinal plants of Pakistan 3.34 01 May 2017
8 Environmental Sciences HEC Genetic Engineering of Lycopersicum esculentum for Enhanced Salt Tolerance through Cell Signaling Molecule involved in Multiple Aspects of Salt Tolerance 3.3 01 Sep 2016
9 Environmental Sciences CERA Risk Assessment of transgenic potato on microbial community, enzymatic activity and physical/chemical properties of soils from major growing areas of Pakistan 1.5 15 Oct 2014
10 Environmental Sciences IFS Sweden (International Foundation For Science) Nitrogen cycling in different soil ecosystems and influence of the size of nosZ denitrifers on overall budget of the greenhouse gas-nitrous oxide. 1 01 Apr 2016
11 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Optimization of DNA Isolation Protocols and Identification of Molecular Markers to Dissect Genetic Variability in Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat 1
12 Environmental Sciences HEC In vitro propagation and somaclonal variation in medicinally important Ariseema spp. 0.5 08 Dec 2015
13 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Isolation and identification of bacterial grazer nematodes 0.5
14 Environmental Sciences HEC Physiochemical characterization of iron pipes corrosion by-products in decades old drinking water supply distribution systems (DWDSs) in selected areas of KPK, Pakistan 0.5 01 Feb 2016
15 Environmental Sciences HEC Epigenetic regulation of cell wall related genes under salt stress in maize 0.5 01 Jan 2016
16 Environmental Sciences HEC Effects of light regimes on growth parameters, biochemical markers and silymarin content during micropropagation of Silybum marianum L. 0.5 01 Aug 2014
17 Environmental Sciences HEC Metabolic activity in pea (Pisum sativum.L) cultivars in combined treatments of K+ & Na+ and varying salinity levels. 0.5 14 Oct 2013
18 Environmental Sciences HEC Ecological aspects of nitrogen cycling in terrestrial ecosystems and the emission of nitrous oxide, an important greenhouse gas. 0.5 01 Apr 2014
19 Environmental Sciences HEC In Vitro conservation of Neolitsea cuipala, a Critically endangered plant species in Pakistan 0.5 01 Aug 2014
20 Environmental Sciences Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Isolation and identification of bacterial grazer nematodes: their effect on rhizo-bacterial communities and phosphorus uptake by pine seedlings, 0.5 M PKR (HEC) 0.5 01 Feb 2013
21 Environmental Sciences TWAS-CIIT Synergistic mycorhizodegradation for remediation of different contaminated soils 0.5 01 Sep 2016
22 Environmental Sciences Directorate of Science and Technology, KPK Government Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Triticum aestivum L with Nucleoside Diphosphate K kinase (NDPK2) gene for multiple abiotic stresses 0.5 01 Aug 2014
23 Environmental Sciences Higher Education Commission Gradient analysis of vehicular and Industrial emissions along Hattar (Haripur) to Mansehra city at Express Highway, KPK, Pakistan 0.5 02 Feb 2015
24 Environmental Sciences HEC Identification and Characterization of Lead (Pb) responsive genes in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) 0.5 18 Apr 2013
25 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Identification of genes involved in phytoremediation from different hyperaccumulators plants and Recombinant protein Expression, Purification, and Functional Analysis of proteinase inhibitors from medicinal Plant. 0.5
26 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Investigating the snow cover and glaciers variation trend in the Gilgit River basin, using satellite remote sensing 0.5 01 Jun 2012
27 Environmental Sciences HEC Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration Activities of Bacterial Cellulose-Montmorillonite Nano-reinforced Composite Films in Burn Mice Models 0.427 30 Mar 2015
28 Environmental Sciences HEC Transgenic expression of Noccaea caerulescens heavy metal tolerant gene (HMA4) in tobacco 0.425 15 Oct 2014
29 Environmental Sciences CUI Phytochemical profiling and in vitro antioxidant activity of selected edible wild fruits consumed by local communities of Lesser Himalayas-Pakistan 0.3 10 Jul 2018
30 Environmental Sciences Directorate of Science and Technology, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa Evaluation of Impacts of Accumulation of Metals due to Contaminated Irrigation Water on Crops and Soils Adjacent to Mandroach Drain in Abbottabad. 0.25
31 Environmental Sciences CIIT Establishment of An Efficient Tissue Culture System in Pakistani Wheat (Triticum aestivum L) Germplasm 0.2 01 Aug 2014
32 Environmental Sciences CIIT Isolation and characterization of parathion degrading bacteria from Soil 0.2 01 Aug 2011
33 Environmental Sciences CIIT Epigenetic regulation of ZmASR1 gene under water stress conditions in maize 0.2 01 Jan 2017
34 Environmental Sciences CIIT Determining Phytic acid contents in spring and winter wheat lines 0.2 01 Aug 2015
35 Environmental Sciences CIIT Microalgal hydrogen production using food waste 0.2
36 Environmental Sciences CIIT Molecular and Morpholgical Characterization of T1 and T2 Generations of Transgeninc Potato Plants Expressing Choline Oxidase in Chloroplasts under the Control of Stress-Inducible Promoter 0.18 01 Aug 2010
38 Environmental Sciences CIIT Research grant Climate change impact on cryosphere melt and hydrology of a high-altitude river catchment - use of a blend of remote sensing and ground data 0.16 01 Apr 2014
39 Environmental Sciences CIIT Evaluation of plant species for biopesticidal potential grown in Abbottabad region 0.154 01 Aug 2015
40 Environmental Sciences HEC P-solubilizing   Microbial Consortia from Lower Himalayas and their Potential for Bioethanol Production. 2016. Funding agency- HEC 0 01 Nov 2016
41 Environmental Sciences HEC Metabolic bases of soil-biota interactions and their biocontrol potential for host plants 0
42 Environmental Sciences HEC Investigation of biochemical and genotoxic effects of heavy metals on medicinal plants (Tagetes species) using various biomarkers 0 24 Nov 2014
43 Environmental Sciences CIIT RGP Biochemical investigation of Arisaema species by using spectroscopic analysis 0 11 Feb 2014
44 Environmental Sciences HEC Utilization of complex network of microbial interactions for mobilization of soil phosphorus inaccessible for plant growth. Dr. Usman Irshad Principal Investigator, 2.7MPKR (HEC NRPU) 0 01 Sep 2016
45 Environmental Sciences HEC Metabolic Bases Of Soil-Biota Interactions And Their Biocontrol Potential For Host Plants, 0.5 MPKR (HEC) 0 01 Sep 2013
  Total    78.99