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S.NoDepartmentFunding BodyProject TitleWorth (Rs in Million)Start DateMembers
1 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Optimization of DNA Isolation Protocols and Identification of Molecular Markers to Dissect Genetic Variability in Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat 1
2 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Identification of genes involved in phytoremediation from different hyperaccumulators plants and Recombinant protein Expression, Purification, and Functional Analysis of proteinase inhibitors from medicinal Plant. 0.5
3 Environmental Sciences Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Investigating the snow cover and glaciers variation trend in the Gilgit River basin, using satellite remote sensing 0.5 01 Jun 2012
4 Environmental Sciences Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Isolation and identification of bacterial grazer nematodes: their effect on rhizo-bacterial communities and phosphorus uptake by pine seedlings, 0.5 M PKR (HEC) 0.5 01 Feb 2013
5 Environmental Sciences HEC Identification and Characterization of Lead (Pb) responsive genes in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) 0.5 18 Apr 2013
6 Environmental Sciences TWAS-CIIT Synergistic mycorhizodegradation for remediation of different contaminated soils 0.5 01 Sep 2016
7 Environmental Sciences HEC Metabolic activity in pea (Pisum sativum.L) cultivars in combined treatments of K+ & Na+ and varying salinity levels. 0.5 14 Oct 2013
8 Environmental Sciences Directorate of Science and Technology, KPK Government Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Triticum aestivum L with Nucleoside Diphosphate K kinase (NDPK2) gene for multiple abiotic stresses 0.5 01 Aug 2014
9 Environmental Sciences Directorate of Science and Technology, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa Evaluation of Impacts of Accumulation of Metals due to Contaminated Irrigation Water on Crops and Soils Adjacent to Mandroach Drain in Abbottabad. 0.25
10 Environmental Sciences CIIT Determining Phytic acid contents in spring and winter wheat lines 0.2 01 Aug 2015
11 Environmental Sciences CIIT Establishment of An Efficient Tissue Culture System in Pakistani Wheat (Triticum aestivum L) Germplasm 0.2 01 Aug 2014
12 Environmental Sciences CIIT Isolation and characterization of parathion degrading bacteria from Soil 0.2 01 Aug 2011
13 Environmental Sciences CIIT Molecular and Morpholgical Characterization of T1 and T2 Generations of Transgeninc Potato Plants Expressing Choline Oxidase in Chloroplasts under the Control of Stress-Inducible Promoter 0.18 01 Aug 2010
14 Environmental Sciences CIIT Evaluation of plant species for biopesticidal potential grown in Abbottabad region 0.154 01 Aug 2015
  Total    78.99