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S.NoDepartmentProject TitleWorth (Rs in Million)Start Date
1 Chemistry Synthesis, characterization and studies of thermal behaviour of polymer composites 0.2
2 Chemistry On the Development of Polymer Based Chelating Resin for Solid Phase Extraction of Various Metal Ions 0.2
3 Chemistry Synthesis spectroscopic characterization , crystallography and microbial activity of the NANO-organomettalic complexes 7
4 Chemistry Surface functionalization of polyethylene by chemical grafting to enhance adhesion characteristics 0.14 01 Jul 2014
5 Chemistry Connectivity of nanoparticles in linear and angular pattern; model for molecular electronic studies 0.08 01 Jan 2014
6 Chemistry Synthesis, Characterizaterization and Biological Activities of Five membered heterocycles. 0
7 Chemistry Modified activity of commercially available antibiotic drugs by making gold nano-particle conjugates. 0.18
8 Chemistry Synthesis of some Biologically active Triazoles and their biological evaluation 0.17 21 Apr 2014
9 Chemistry Synthesis of Biologically Active Coumarin Derivatives by Palladium Catalysed Cross Coupling Reaction 0.18 22 Apr 2014
10 Chemistry Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Biologically Active Coumarine Derivatives 0.19 19 Mar 2015
11 Chemistry visible light photocatalysis towards waste water treatment 0.2 01 Feb 2014
12 Environmental Sciences Epigenetic regulation of ZmASR1 gene under water stress conditions in maize 0.2 01 Jan 2017
13 Environmental Sciences Evaluation of plant species for biopesticidal potential grown in Abbottabad region 0.15 01 Aug 2015
14 Environmental Sciences Determining Phytic acid contents in spring and winter wheat lines 0.2 01 Aug 2015
15 Environmental Sciences Establishment of An Efficient Tissue Culture System in Pakistani Wheat (Triticum aestivum L) Germplasm 0.2 01 Aug 2014
16 Environmental Sciences Isolation and characterization of parathion degrading bacteria from Soil 0.2 01 Aug 2011
17 Environmental Sciences Molecular and Morpholgical Characterization of T1 and T2 Generations of Transgeninc Potato Plants Expressing Choline Oxidase in Chloroplasts under the Control of Stress-Inducible Promoter 0.18 01 Aug 2010
18 Environmental Sciences Microalgal hydrogen production using food waste 0.2
19 Pharmacy Formulation and In-Vitro In-Vivo Evaluation of Gastro Retentive Multiparticulate Drug Delivery System of Cimetidine. 0.2
  Total   10.07