Basic and applied Pharmacology

The newly formed group is mainly involved in developing the neuropharmacology lab at the institute in order to identify the potential lead molecules (natural and synthetic) for neuropsychiatric illnesses. The preliminary focus is to develop behavioral pharmacology facility with emphasis on ailments such as pain, anxiety, dependence (nicotine and Alcohol), socialization, addiction, Torrette Syndrome, oxidative stress and depression. The capacity for neurochemical analysis will be subsequently developed using techniques like HPLC-UV/ECD/RI, GC, GC-M.S., ELISA, Atomic absorption and fluorescent microscopy. Additionally, the toxicology (systemic and genetic) lab will be established in order to reduce the risk of hazardous effects attributed to nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. The group also works on vincristine induced neuropathies (central and peripheral both) in murine model of vinvristine induced neuropathies. A section of the group works on epidemiology and clinical profiling of tropical disease, disease buden, strains characteristic and immunilogical aspects of disease.

Focus Areas

Neuropharmacology, toxicology, murine model of neuropsychiatric illnesses and Behavior