Drug Discovery, Development and Applied Clinical Pharmacy

Drug Discovery, Development and Applied Clinical Pharmacy research group is focusing on understanding of therapeutic areas and are trying to explore suitable strategies for drug development and clinical implications. The ultimate objective of the group is to study and devise the approaches for drug discovery with special emphasis to clinical outcomes.  

We are actively working on the subjects of natural products, screening assays, drug development, drug resistance, molecular approaches, computational drug designing, drug target identifications and their clinical applications. Actually clinical research is different than clinical practice. In clinical practice, one used established treatments while in clinical research evidence is collected to establish a treatment.

Our Research Activities

The members of this research group emphasize:

·         Understanding the road map of new drug discovery and development, including synthetic and natural compounds of interests

·         Biological, physical and chemical assays for screening purposes

·         Molecular approaches for drug resistance and

·         Computational approaches of drug designing

·         Strategic approach to applied clinical pharmacy

·         Drug target identification approaches

Focus Areas

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Computational and In silico appraoches,